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Functional medicine practitioners strive to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness through investigating the patient’s health background and co-creating a plan for health and healing. With conventional western medicine, illness is treated with pills and surgery. With functional medicine we strive to empower and educate patients on natural wellness care so patients can continue to enhance their health after their visits and treatments are complete.


Health Issues Addressed:

Adrenal Stress
Food Sensitivities
Gastrointestinal health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Nerve pain due to shingles
Numbness or tingling or pain in nerves due to chemotherapy (CIPN)
Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
Post herpetic nerve pain
Preconception, prenatal and postpartum health
Wellness programs for all ages for optimal health

We differentiate our practice by focusing on preventative lab and blood testing services to help our patients keep their health in top condition. Examples of some preventative tests offered are homocysteine, ferritin, and DNA (Genetic) panels.

Homocysteine is considered an independent risk factor for heart / cardiovascular disease. High levels of these amino acids are associated with low levels of vitamins B6, B12 and Folate (B9). These B vitamins along with other vitamins and minerals can reduce high homocysteine levels. Reducing homocysteine levels alone will not totally decrease a person’s risk for heart disease. Lifestyle choices and other appropriate therapies need to be considered.

Ferritin levels represent the amount of iron a body is storing. When a person is feeling fatigue, exhausted, or low energy the reason could be low iron. The symptoms one feels suggesting high ferritin / iron levels can be similar to inflammatory diseases or pain. Correcting low or high ferritin / iron levels early can really improve one’s overall health.

DNA or genetic testing can minimize a person’s risk by identifying gene mutations that could lead to disease states. Some people wrongly believe, if they have “bad genes” there is nothing they can do about it. The truth is most genes “good” or “bad” can be influenced for a favorable outcome. Having this information can help just about anyone at any age. Usually genetic tests are grouped into panels. The panels are designed to focus on an organ system such as cardiovascular, detoxification and immunity to name a few.

Preventative & Functional Medicine


We complete an initial interview to gather information on your medical history to understand your healthcare needs.

Request a comprehensive “wellness blood panel” to obtain an overall view of current health and to identify any deficiencies or organ system dysfunction.

We review the results of your test and an in-depth report is created based on your results.

We then set up an appointment to go over your findings and create a “care plan” which includes treatments, vitamins and minerals to incorporate into your daily life to improve health.

We empower you to take control of your own health and give you easy and natural ways to live your healthiest life.

We then make a follow-up wellness blood panel appointment for two-four months later in order to check progress achieved in the care plan.  The next follow-up occurs in six to nine months, depending on how quickly your body is healing.


Looking to get only a few tests completed? Will your family doctor not order certain blood tests for you? No problem! We provide a la carte blood panel testing with prices ranging from $20 to $200+.

Lab results interpretation and recommendations are available for an additional fee.

Examples of popular tests:
CoQ10 $80
Urinalysis $20
Hemoglobin A1c $50

Ferritin $30
Homocysteine $65
B12 / Folate $60



Functional medicine practitioners strive to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness through investigating the patient’s health background and co-creating a plan for health and healing.

Health Issues Treated:

Chemotherapy induced peripheral nerves (CIPN)

Post-herpetic Neuralgia (PHN)
Diabetic nerve pain




The Frequency Specific Microcurrent machine helps to treat nerve & muscle pain by using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.



We suggest you combine diagnostics blood testing services and nutrition recommendations with microcurrent therapy to achieve faster results.



The results from the microcurrent therapy can be limited without proper nutrition and supplementation.

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